A Look At The Tractor Ted Clothing Line

Tractor Ted is a kid’s entertainment store that specializes in many children’s items that include toy tractors, clothing, books, gifts, outdoor adventures, events, Tractor Ted DVD and kids clothing. The tractor ted clothing line is a revolutionary brand that is specifically designed and styled for the little ones while keeping in mind their comfort, safety quality and durability. The tractor clothes for kids are fantastic!

The tractor ted clothing line comprises of different merchandise and goods which include the following:

Tractor ted hats for kids come in different sizes shapes colors and designs. Among them are the cozy animal hats that are ideal during the cold winter seasons. The hats are of high quality and the wool ensures that your baby stays warm throughout. The other hats are the common hats that are ideal for preventing direct sunlight to the child’s skin. These are ideal during the hot sunny weather and they will protect the child’s skin from sun burns and blemishes. The other quality hats are the tractor ted baseball caps that are very unique and attractive in their design. They are durable and they come in different colors for both the boys and the girls.

Tiny Ted
These are kids clothes that are firm inspired and made to reflect the beauty and nature of firms. The clothes are made of quality material and they are very durable. They also come in different designs and colors. They are designed for babies who range from two months to six years.

The tiny ted collection includes the following:

The romper suit-hand knitted farmyard jumpsuit

Great in Tractor baby clothes, this romper suit is carefully knitted with soft cotton and has a tractor embroidered in its design. An image of a cow and sheep also appear on the romper suit. The suit is very warm and comfy. It is highly recommended for babies between six to twelve months.
The Hand knitted farmyard hooded jumper
This farmyard hooded jumper is ideal for babies who are aged between four to five years. The hooded jumper is comfy and provides protection to your baby when he is out playing. The hood that is fixed ensures that the baby’s head and hair are protected.

The Hand knitted farmyard tank top
This attractive high quality hand knitted tank top is customized with a tractor image, a cow image and an image of a sheep. The cloth is made of quality wool and is very durable and always keeps the baby warm during cold seasons.

Outdoor clothing
These include a wide range of clothing that are ideal for your kid while outside on a picnic. The clothes ensure that the kid is kept warm and safe. Some of the outdoor clothing includes the following:

The animal hat-dog and pig design.
These hats are very comfortable and cozy. They are also very attractive to the little ones and they are fleece lined with spectacular side plaits that you can tie on. The hats come in different sizes and shapes and there is a wide range of colors that can be chosen.

Tractor Ted wellies.
These are made from rubber and are very cozy. They are fitted with straps that act as handles for easy pulling when wearing them. They come in bright colors that include bright green and pale blue colors. The willies are also customized with sleek designs of tractors on their surface. They are one of the most sorted after goods for the little ones.

Tractor Ted waterproof coat.
This is an all weather coat that is very important for the kids who love to play outdoors in the rain or mud. The coat is made from durable 4oz fabric and is fitted with a tug proof zip which does not stick even when it is yanked. The coats back is longer and is made in an elastic manner to provide a comfortable snug fit and to always ensure that the bottoms are always dry. A hood is also fitted and it is made in such a way that it fits flat and does not block your child’s vision when he or she turns. The waterproof coat can be machine washed at temperatures of 400.

This is a children’s bag that is very attractive and durable. It has adjustable straps for easy fitting on any child. The bag is bright in color and has designs that are very attractive to babies.

Tractor Ted waterproof trousers
These classic waterproof trousers from Tractor Ted are waterproof and wind proof at the same time. The trousers are very comfortable and lightweight. The trouser is fitted with underfoot stirrups that are adjustable. They also have a hem that prevents them from riding up. The waterproof trouser has a spacious fit and a waist that is elastic and this ensures fast and easy removal.

Tractor suit
These come in a combination of the colors blue-red and yellow-green. The suit is very durable and light. It is also comfortable and is best for those babies who like to play outside on the mud.

The rain coat-pink Labradors
This rain coat is printed with Labrador dog designs and comes in bright colors like pink. It is fitted with a thin terry lining that absorbs moisture keeping the baby dry all the time. The coat is also fitted with a hood and a beautiful snap closure that protects the baby and keeps him warm.

Umbrella-pink Labradors
These are beautiful umbrellas for babies with beautiful farm designs and they are used during rainy seasons or when the sun is too hot.

Ted tops
The ted tops are cool long sleeved and short sleeved t shirts and sweat shirts that have creative farm designs and unique designs. They come in different colors and sizes. Some of the ted tractor tops include the following: the stripey appliqué, the pocket hoody, the machine t-shirt, the half zip sweatshirt, the farm tested t-shirt, the tractor ted hoody and the tractor ted union sweatshirt.

The tractor ted clothing line has been in the forefront in producing quality clothes to both the girls and boys who range between two months and six years. The clothes are made of high quality material and are recommended for any child.

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