Football Celebrities are Good Neighbours

Football Celebrities excellent Neighbours

Against the opinion of Lee Dixon, Lambourne’s business companion and a former Arsenal protector that “some people would certainly possibly rather have a medical professional for a neighbour” there are a many advantages to have a renowned football player moving to your area. A research from a buying company been experts in finding homes for sports celebrities exposed that towns as well as towns in which footballers have actually acquired homes have had bigger rate boosts compared to in similar towns.

There are several instances that could maintain this viewpoint. John Terry, the Chelsea captain has a home near the club’s certification ground in Cobham, Surrey. Given that he moved there in 2004 the price of a separated residential property in the area has actually increased by 28 percent. An even more remarkable adjustment in the value of the buildings in the town they relocated was given by David and also Victoria Beckham. Considering that they ended up being homeowners of Sawbridgeworth in Hertfordshire in 1999 building values have actually increased by 84 per cent. 5 years ago, the Collection protector Sol Campbell acquired his residence in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. Since that memory rates have actually gone up by virtually a third. The prices in the town where Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United’s young Portuguese winger, owns a flat have been expanding also. In fact not only Alderley Roadway in Wilmslow, where Ronaldo’s residential property could be discovered is better but the entire Cheshire, which is close to Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton and Blackburn, particularly in “Gold Trafford”,
the triangular that runs from Wilmslow to Alderley Edge as well as Hale.

An explanation for the rising costs of the properties in the towns where footballers are purchasing comes from Jeremy Lambourne, supervisor of Oakhall, the exact same company that brought out this searching for. Lambourne states that “football gamers will certainly very typically boost a town because they spend money on their residences as well as bring in financial investment,” Not much from this point of view is Stuart Flint, who covers the most intelligent components of Cheshire for Knight Frank who thinks that “footballers are well suggested nowadays and also they understand the importance of preserving their residential properties”.

However are any kind of drawbacks in having a football celebrity as your neighbour? The same citizens that gained from the boosted costs of their buildings in Cobham, Surrey had to deal with the blockage produced by the parking area along the narrow roadside when John Terry held a party for his team-mates at his residence. David and also Victoria Beckham’s neighbors have had to endure an invasion of paparazzi and also followers since these celebs became their neighbors. Yet typically footballers are not even worse neighbours than ordinary people.

An additional intriguing searching for about the buildings where footballers chose to buy is exposed by Nation Life. Their study’s outcomes recommend that as opposed to constantly choosing Dallas-style new-builds, footballers are significantly getting lodge. The very same magazine reveals that 20 prime country homes costing more than ₤ 2 million each have actually been grabbed by premiership footballers over the previous three years. As Mark Hedges, editor of Nation Life, claims: “Like many people that acquire these homes, footballers– regardless of exactly what you might see on TELEVISION– are trying to find somewhere with personality that additionally has solitude.”

Springtide: WordPress Web Design and Common Pitfalls

We just had our local church website re-done by a local business based in Congleton, Cheshire. The company was Springtide Associates, and they did a fantastic job! (You can see the new site here, looks really stylish, much better than the usual church sites!)

We spoke to Pete Goodwin (owner of Springtide) and asked him about how he did it. He explained it was all based on a simple WordPress system, and said he’d be happy to do a quick write-up of why he thinks WordPress is the best option! So here goes…

WordPress web design is a great option for those seeking to start a brand new business or even those who just want to improve their old and outdated website, However the world of web design can be a minefield with plenty of holes to fall into, so let’s take a look at the top mistakes you can make when designing your website.

Loud Proud Graphics
Flashing images and twinkly lights NEVER work on websites, its a fact…whilst you may think there’s something kitsch about that awesome flashing gimmick in reality it is simply screaming scammer and amateur. Not only does it look as far from professional as you can get but it also draws attention away from the content AKA the important bit, you know, where you explain your services….

Taking a Lifetime to Load
There’s one small fact to learn about internet users; they have the patience of a goldfish! That means if your homepage takes more than four seconds to load they are gonna press the back button and get the hell outta there. Be sure your page loads quickly to pull the reader in and keep them there. WordPress usually offers decent load times, although you can always test yourself for free with online tools like Pingdom.

Mega White Space
The white space on a page is a delicate balance, too much and people will be wondering why you can’t fill in the blanks, too little and people will be wondering what the heck is going on. Get the balance right by giving potential customers the correct amount of information without overwhelming or underwhelming. Consider which content is necessary and get to the point in a concise manner. Most WordPress themes allow you to preview how they look, so you can see if they get the balance right!

Hard to Read Text
Having black text on a dark background or text over images will make the content hard to read. Keep your text simple and a font size that doesn’t smack you in the face or cause you to squint your eyes. Also, avoid large blocks of text that look to meaty. Bite-sized chunks of text are what you should aim for. When piecing together your WordPress web design it should look easy on the eye. People love to scan when it comes to the internet if they wanted a meal they would pick up War and Peace instead. At Springtide, our web design Cheshire service will hep you get the text and content balance just right.

The Website Doesn’t Provide a Solution
So you have spent an entire page telling people how great your company is without anything to back it up. When people click on your web page no doubt they are looking for a solution to their problem whether it be a product or a solution. Don’t go overboard with the bragging instead stick to the point and let your clients know what you can do to help.

Springtide have produced a great, helpful video to explain how to get the right company for your web design project:


Opting for PDF
Users hate coming across PDF with a vengeance, why? Because it takes an age to load, you can’t press the back button and it breaks the flow. Avoid using PDF as its bad for online reading, put all your content in clean tidy drawers known as tabs! The same can be said for slideshows, pictures take a while to load and whilst slide shows can look good chances are someone won’t sit and wait for fifty pictures to slide past their screen.

Going Overboard with Technology
We all know technology is wonderful, but we also know that when we land on a home page we don’t want to be bombarded with images, boxes, videos and background music. This is where technology can be your enemy so even if you are proud that you can use it, keep it on the down low when it comes to your website.

Pete Goodwin is owner of

Finding The Right Plumber In Cheshire

An unexpected leak or a boiler breakdown can be a real headache if you’re not prepared for it.

Things could not be too bad if you already know a trusted plumbing professional or heating engineer that knows your system and can be counted on.

However, the difficulty is that many individuals just go straight to the phone directory site or to internet listings and select a trader at random.

Emergency situation plumbing is a distress purchase and rogue traders in Cheshire know it. In fact, winter season is their busiest season.

Steve Playle, lead officer of the Trading Standards Institute (TSI), states choosing the very first free engineer you discover can be a huge mistake.

While a lot of emergency situation plumbing technicians could be genuine, many could not be effectively qualified and are past-masters at dragging the job out to maximise their income.

“Lots of plumbing contractors charge a call out and then for each half hour,” states Mr Playle.

“Ask plenty of questions about exactly what the job involves and how long it will certainly take. If you offer them the task, don’t simply leave the trader to it but keep popping in on them to check on what they are doing.

“We’ve had cases where we have actually seen traders striking the side of a boiler with a spanner to make it seem as if the work has actually continued into the next charging band.”.

Stay clear of the rogues by asking friends or family in Cheshire for suggestions – ideally before you ever need to call anyone, he advises. Local people will know decent plumbers in Cheshire.

Keep the numbers in your phone. Look for bona-fide trade organisations – most regional authority websites have actually accepted trader schemes where you can locate previously vetted Gas Safe engineers.

Discovering the valves.
You can likewise search for reliable tradesmen in England and Wales through the Association of Plumbing and Heating Professionals (APHC) and in Scotland and Northern Ireland through SNIPEF.

John Thompson, the president of the APHC, states there truly is no need to stick to the first available plumber that you stumble on.

“If you feel pressurised into accepting work without a full explanation, have the confidence to concern or get a consultation. Also, check if the tradesmen has the best qualifications to deal with your home appliances,” he states.

Mind you, if water is pouring, or perhaps simply leaking from the ceiling, you will have to attempt and isolate the issues to minimise damage prior to the plumbing professional shows up.

For significant leaks, shut off the water supply at the primary stop tap, normally in the kitchen area. You may have to turn to shutting off the water company tap at the limit of the home. Older ones could also switch off your neighbour’s supply.

Smaller sized internal leakages can be stopped utilizing regional isolation valves – usually beside the device or tap worried. These could be less familiar to older customers as they take the form of levers or are just turned with a screwdriver.

On a Combi boiler, the isolation valve will be located below the boiler. When searching for plumbers in Congleton, you have various results, one being a YouTube video here:


Ian Puddick is the creator of the Cheshire Boiler Company. His team is well used to being called out to change worn out boilers which give up the ghost when they are pressed too hard.

“What takes place is that all of a sudden, individuals turn the thermostat up, however this pushes your boiler over the edge,” he says.

“Also where you have tanks in the loft, inspect the youngster to see that it’s full of water. These can deal with little in them for many years, but when you turn the temperature level up it drives the system a bit harder and after that it stops.”.

Mr Puddick also has a handy idea for preventing a big freeze in your loft.

“As soon as you have actually inspected all your pipes and tanks are lagged, protected and covered, examine beneath the water tank. If there’s some insulation there just pull it out and leave that location clear so heat can rise and safeguard the tank.”.

Emergency situation repair services are pricey. So to prevent being fleeced by an opportunist plumbing professional, it deserves getting your pipelines and systems inspected and serviced by a respectable engineer prior to temperatures drop once again.

Could We See a Decline in Personal Injury Firms in the North?

Recently there have been a lot of articles in the legal press about new government legislation which could impact the amount of personal injury firms we see. At present, the mainstream media hasn’t really covered this, most like due to the lack of sympathy it would probably garner from the public – let’s be honest, solicitors, particularly in personal injury or claims management, aren’t well-liked! So they wouldn’t be so keen to report on something where it paints a solicitor’s firm in a sympathetic light!

However, this new ruling by the government could affect a lot of firm across the country and in the North West, with some already reportedly saying they may choose to close down. This relates to the way smaller, more local firms gain clients. So I think it is important to report on this and make people aware, as it could lead to more unemployment in the area!

The background

Typically in the personal injury and claims market, the way a smaller legal firm will obtain new clients, is actually through the use of so-called ‘client-farmers’. These bigger firms are the ones you see all over daytime TV. They don’t actually do the work themselves, but instead pass you to a smaller firm in your local area, for a referral fee of around £750 usually. That;s all about to change though, as the new government rules state that referrals in this manner will no longer be allowed. Instead, a smaller firm will have to do more to attract it’s own clients, which will mean an increase in marketing budgets. This is the main reason a lot of firms are weighing up the cost of whether it is worth continuing to stay open, or close the department down.


We all know working in law, if there is a loop-hole, law firms will find them! The bigger firms have already started to drop hints that they may just buy some of the client-farmers, therefore having referrals coming from an internal department, rather than an external company. However this isn’t really an option for smaller firms. Smaller firms are however exploiting the use of local marketing firms and paying for leads, rather than referrals. The technical difference being that it is up to the firm themselves to turn the lead into a client, rather than having the client already booked and ready to refer.

One such personal injury firm doing this is based in Bolton, called and ran by John Peterham. John started the small company as a lead generation business, and positions himself as providing a valuable service to clients by matching them to the right solicitor. When we emailed him to ask how close to the line of referral fees this is, he said “It is close, but are certain we are within the guidelines set out by the Government. Our operation is referral fee’s as we just ensure a lead is passed to the most relevant firm.One that is local, and has a good reputation. It is then up to the firm themselves to actually convert that lead into a customer, and it doesn’t always happen.”


The impact of this ruling is yet to bes een fully, but one think-tank estimates up to 180,000 solicitors could have their jobs put at risk. We would estimate based on that around 30,000 would be in the North-West – staggering numbers if true. We contacted law students at Liverpool Hope University, and one who wanted to remain anonymous told us:

“This ruling seems very unfair, and it is hard to see the logic behind it. Why bother? What does it matter where the referral or client comes from, as long as they get a good service and their case represented by a qualified legal firm? For me personally, it’s a worry. Personal Injury and accident claims management was one area I was keen on, but now I may have to switch my course modules to something else if it is uncertain any jobs will be there when I graduate”

The reason for the change is a bit unclear, with the government’s own website not even explaining the reasons behind the change, but instead just enforcing the new ruling – check it out here. What is clear though, is that jobs in the local area could be heavily impacted, just at a time when they seemed to be stabilising. This could mean a lot of talented graduates out of work once again, and surely another damaging blow for the Government and local councils.

Chaffinch Student Storage

An interview with Terry Rogers of Chaffinch Student Storage. Terry is one of the owners, and has agreed to share some advice and tips for anyone thinking of starting a small business in Cheshire. 

The Cheshire Cat (TC): Hi Terry, thanks for coming and doing this interview, I know our readers will enjoy learning more about your business, what it does, and how it grew.

Terry Rogers (TR): Thank you for letting me do this, it’s been a while since we last spoke so it’s a great thing you have this small business website!

TC: Thanks! So let’s get down to business, or rather your business! Can you explain what Chaffinch Student is?

TR: Sure! Chaffinch Student is a storage company, aimed mainly at the student market. When student’s leave home for Uni, they often forget that they have holiday times, summer out of terms times, and sometimes they need to move from one place to the next when they change years, friends, or courses! So there is a lot of demand on taking care of their belongings and either storing them safely, or moving them to another place safely. Parents are often willing to help on the first trip, but it can get a bit tedious and difficult after that, especially as they accumulate belongings naturally, like everyone does. So that is where Chaffinch come in. We will pick up, pack and move your stuff securely, and fully insured, or we can store it safely in one of our secure storage units until you need it again – then we deliver it to you wherever you are!

TC: Do you serve the whole country?

TR: We are based in Cheshire and Liverpool, but can go anywhere. Wherever student needs us, we will deliver or pick up from. Student storage Liverpool is our main market currently though, and performs very well with the 2 big Universities there.

TC: Ok great. How did you start the company, and what has it been like to grow the business?

TR: We started back in 1998, and it’s been growing ever since. We bought some small premises just outside Liverpool, and a few years later some in Stoke on trent, and then later Manchester. These are all secure units. The trick for us was appealing to a very specific market, instead of just targeting anyone and everyone, which would have had us competing directly against Big Yellow Storage and companies like that. Being specific meant we could exploit and grow our niche. We try to market and brand ourselves to appeal to students, but we also get business from the general public too, however we don’t rely on that.

TC: So you would say it’s important to really be specific in business?

TR: Definitely. I know when starting a business, you can think you have to appeal to a large base to ensure you get money coming in, but 9 times out of 10, a bigger, better company is already doing that. By targeting a specific niche, you can grow at a decent rate, and build up over time. Most of the time too, you’d be surprised how many people are desperate for your business to be there, specifically serving that niche’s needs.

TC: What was the biggest struggle with starting a small business?

TR: Great question. I’d have to say it was getting a grip on the financial aspects. Me and my partners just wanted to provide a great service, without fully realising all the costs involved, how to control them, keeping cash flow well, and handling tax! We made quite a few mistakes along the way, but now we can afford the proper help to do it for us. When you start however, take advantage of friends who know something about these areas – accountants for example – until you can afford full time help! It’s so tricky!

TC: Yes i’ll certainly agree with that! What are your plans for growth over the next few years?

TR: We want to appeal to more of the country, and pull in a larger crowd from the internet. To do this, we have begun with an aggressive marketing campaign, using social media and targeting Google. This interview is a good example of that – just trying to get more exposure everywhere, whereas before we have been a bit insulated and let people come to us, we are now actively looking to ‘recruit’ customers. It is starting to work, but we have a long way to go to be where we want to be!

TC: What advice would you give to anyone in Cheshire who is looking to start a small business?

TR: Firstly, just do it! Far too many people sit thinking about it, and never launch. Of course it’s scary, and you’ll never be 100% ready to go, but you can learn on the way too. Also, make sure you target a specific thing like I said before. It really helps to be able to be after a specific customer and then directly appeal to them.

TC: Terry, many thanks for doing this, and we really appreciate some of the honest and open advice given. All the best with Chaffinch Student in future!

TR: Thanks, it’s been a pleasure!

So there you have it! If you have any more questions for Terry, leave a comment below, and we’ll make sure he answers it, or alternatively email us privately for more information.

Business in the North 70 % more likely to take up apprenticeships than companies based in London and south-east

The European Union debated the significance of local solutions to the recession in 2011 and the figures on the take-up of apprenticeships in the UK suggests they were right to do so.

If we take willingness to accept an apprenticeship as a dedication to manuafacturing/producing or experienced/skilled manual work, the dislocation of London from the rest of the nation and specifically the north is striking, if possibly unsurprising.

Recently, Cheshire has experienced a good rise in the amount of apprenticeships, particularly in Warrington, which prompted The Warrington South MP David Mowat to say

“We will only succeed as a country when everyone is given the chance to reach their full potential.

These record levels of apprenticeships are fantastic news for our country, for Warrington, Cheshire, and most of all for the people whose lives are being transformed by the opportunities they offer.”

The top 20 regional authority areas are all in the regions, with Wokingham in the Thames ‘Silicon Valley’ the nearby to London, followed by Cambridge, another hi-tech center. All ten of the authorities with the most affordable take-up are higher London boroughs. Taking on an apprentice is thriving in the Northern counties.

The lowest of the ten, Kensington and Chelsea, saw 0.78 % of young people take an apprenticeship, a figure increasing just to 1.74 % in the greatest, Redbridge. Wandsworth, which comes 4th cheapest, is also in the most affordable 20 UK council locations school and education participation for 16-24 year olds, so something is plainly wrong.

The northern weighting can be found in the finding that apprenticeship take-ups in the UK are 70 percent most likely in the 3 northern regions, than in London and the south-east, in spite of superficial descriptions of the north as a location where production has actually had its day. A third set of data reveals the level of increase in take-up in the last six years. Authorities such as Sheffield, Leeds and Kirklees carry out strongly (together with Cornwall, Plymouth and Wiltshire) however London is absent from the top ten. The closest rep is, again, Wokingham.

The report is published by the Association of Accounting Technicians, the UK’s major professional body for accounts personnel. It acknowledges the impact on apprenticeship varieties, or work based learning options, of a location’s commercial composition – not huge in Kensington and Chelsea – unemployment levels and differing rates of economic activity, however it concludes that none of these variations are enough to explain the big divide between North and South.

Alex Dale, Director of National Academy of Excellence, ( which specialise in matching businesses with apprenticeships, states:

“I think a lot of people in the North won’t be surprised by these findings. The companies we work with all see the value and benefit a young person on an apprenticeship can bring. They offer long-term commitment, lower starting salaries, and are very eager to learn and prove themselves.

I wouldn’t worry too much about these findings right now, as I’m sure the companies based in the South will realise what companies in Cheshire, Staffordshire and the rest of the North of England realised long ago.”

It seems that business in the North is realising the most effective ways to remain competitive, which is encouraging for everyone. Utilising our young people in the area will be key both now, and in the future.

A look at the 403b Retirement Plan in the USA

A bit of a change in tack, but what retirement plans does the UK have in comparison to the USA? Would Cheshire public sector workers benefit from one like a 403b? So what exactly is one? Let’s find out Cheshire…

403b retirement plan

A 403(b)-plan is a type-of tax sheltered annuity. Like most other retirement plans, earnings and contributions in a 403(b) retirement plan account are tax deferred til retirement. Unlike many other plans, however, 403b-accounts are offered by non-profit organizations only.

A 403-b plan is basically a retirement savings-account offered by non profit companies, mainly public schools to the employees. This plans typically don’t allow distribution before the retirement period, but you’re permitted to take out a loan against value of the plan for whatever reason. The loans don’t involve any credit checks and aren’t reported on any of your taxes as taxable-income, but you have to repay them with some interest.

A 403b retirement plan can also be described as a U.S-tax advantaged retirement plan that’s available for public schools, certain non profit organizations (only the Internal Revenue-Code 501(c)-(3) organizations), cooperative-hospital service-organizations, & self employed ministers in US. Employees salary-deferrals into a 403b retirement plan are usually made before the income tax is deducted or paid and its allowed to build up (tax deferred) til the amount is later taxed as income after being withdrawn from the retirement plan. A 403b-plan is also referred-to as a tax sheltered-annuity although since the year 1974 they are no longer really restricted to annuity forms and the participants or employees can now also invest-in mutual funds.

Employees or participants typically sign-up for 403(b) plans directly through the employer. Contributions and earnings are then made through pay-roll deductions, and many employers do provide a matching-contribution up to a certain capped amount. Contributions and earnings are pre tax. When the employees get to the retirement age, his or her withdrawals from the 403b-account will then be taxed. Unlike the 401k plans or the IRAs, only the employees of the participating non profit organization can open a 403(b) account (that is, public schools and public universities and organization that are classified as 501c-3 organizations, according to the United States tax code). Typically, the 501c-3 status is usually reserved for the charitable organizations, like the Habitat for Humanity, although some non profit organizations outside the charity-arena can also maintain the 501c-3 status.

Both the employers and the employees reap benefits from the 403b plans. Employees are able to save for their retirement with the tax-deferred contributions and since most of these people make a significantly less income during-retirement, they’re in a lower-tax bracket and the eventual tax they pay on their contributions will most likely be much lower. The employers benefit from the 403b-plans because they’re attractive to high quality employees who prefer an employer sponsored way of saving for their retirement. Also, the 403(b) retirement plans cost the employers much less than the older pension-plans since costs of funding the 403(b)-plans are shared or spread between the employee and the employer.

There are 3 types of 403(b)-plans: an annuity contract, custodial account and retirement income-account. Annuity contract plans are made with insurance companies and are the most popular or common type of 403(b)-plans. Custodial accounts are typically established or created for the beneficiary rather-than the owner or bearer of that account. Retirement income accounts are reserved for mainly churches and other specially-designated non-profits. A 403 b retirement plan lets you put a given portion of your monthly salary into the employer sponsored plan thus helping you save for your retirement, and since some employers also match the contribution, you will be getting free money just for participating in the retirement plan.

The key difference between 403b plans and the common 401k plans is that it’s the employer who sponsors the plan. Profit-employers usually offer 401k-plans while the non profit employers offer 403b plans. In some instances, the 403(b) plans aren’t subject to exactly the same legal-requirements as the 401k plans, but the requirements don’t really change the overall-function of both accounts. On the other hand, pension plans and tax sheltered annuity plans both qualify as retirement plans. The tax sheltered annuities basically fall under section 403 (b) of the IRS code (That is, The Internal Revenue Service-code) thus they are known as 403(b) retirement plans. Pension plans are basically, defined benefit-plans. An employee in a pension plan will receive a specific pay-out when they reach retirement. The organization or company/employer providing that pension will make the payments into the employees pension account. The pension amount of these monthly payments usually vary depending on various factors, including the investment performance. Tax sheltered annuity plans are basically defined contribution-plans. The amounts placed into the retirement plan are established-by the participant or employee; the participant makes these contributions to the retirement plan through monthly payroll deductions.

So what do you think? I believe Cheshire and the UK have enough options, but it is interesting that Cheshire’s public sector could have dedicated tax and retirement plans. Thanks for reading!

A Look At The Tractor Ted Clothing Line

Tractor Ted is a kid’s entertainment store that specializes in many children’s items that include toy tractors, clothing, books, gifts, outdoor adventures, events, Tractor Ted DVD and kids clothing. The tractor ted clothing line is a revolutionary brand that is specifically designed and styled for the little ones while keeping in mind their comfort, safety quality and durability. The tractor clothes for kids are fantastic!

The tractor ted clothing line comprises of different merchandise and goods which include the following:

Tractor ted hats for kids come in different sizes shapes colors and designs. Among them are the cozy animal hats that are ideal during the cold winter seasons. The hats are of high quality and the wool ensures that your baby stays warm throughout. The other hats are the common hats that are ideal for preventing direct sunlight to the child’s skin. These are ideal during the hot sunny weather and they will protect the child’s skin from sun burns and blemishes. The other quality hats are the tractor ted baseball caps that are very unique and attractive in their design. They are durable and they come in different colors for both the boys and the girls.

Tiny Ted
These are kids clothes that are firm inspired and made to reflect the beauty and nature of firms. The clothes are made of quality material and they are very durable. They also come in different designs and colors. They are designed for babies who range from two months to six years.

The tiny ted collection includes the following:

The romper suit-hand knitted farmyard jumpsuit

Great in Tractor baby clothes, this romper suit is carefully knitted with soft cotton and has a tractor embroidered in its design. An image of a cow and sheep also appear on the romper suit. The suit is very warm and comfy. It is highly recommended for babies between six to twelve months.
The Hand knitted farmyard hooded jumper
This farmyard hooded jumper is ideal for babies who are aged between four to five years. The hooded jumper is comfy and provides protection to your baby when he is out playing. The hood that is fixed ensures that the baby’s head and hair are protected.

The Hand knitted farmyard tank top
This attractive high quality hand knitted tank top is customized with a tractor image, a cow image and an image of a sheep. The cloth is made of quality wool and is very durable and always keeps the baby warm during cold seasons.

Outdoor clothing
These include a wide range of clothing that are ideal for your kid while outside on a picnic. The clothes ensure that the kid is kept warm and safe. Some of the outdoor clothing includes the following:

The animal hat-dog and pig design.
These hats are very comfortable and cozy. They are also very attractive to the little ones and they are fleece lined with spectacular side plaits that you can tie on. The hats come in different sizes and shapes and there is a wide range of colors that can be chosen.

Tractor Ted wellies.
These are made from rubber and are very cozy. They are fitted with straps that act as handles for easy pulling when wearing them. They come in bright colors that include bright green and pale blue colors. The willies are also customized with sleek designs of tractors on their surface. They are one of the most sorted after goods for the little ones.

Tractor Ted waterproof coat.
This is an all weather coat that is very important for the kids who love to play outdoors in the rain or mud. The coat is made from durable 4oz fabric and is fitted with a tug proof zip which does not stick even when it is yanked. The coats back is longer and is made in an elastic manner to provide a comfortable snug fit and to always ensure that the bottoms are always dry. A hood is also fitted and it is made in such a way that it fits flat and does not block your child’s vision when he or she turns. The waterproof coat can be machine washed at temperatures of 400.

This is a children’s bag that is very attractive and durable. It has adjustable straps for easy fitting on any child. The bag is bright in color and has designs that are very attractive to babies.

Tractor Ted waterproof trousers
These classic waterproof trousers from Tractor Ted are waterproof and wind proof at the same time. The trousers are very comfortable and lightweight. The trouser is fitted with underfoot stirrups that are adjustable. They also have a hem that prevents them from riding up. The waterproof trouser has a spacious fit and a waist that is elastic and this ensures fast and easy removal.

Tractor suit
These come in a combination of the colors blue-red and yellow-green. The suit is very durable and light. It is also comfortable and is best for those babies who like to play outside on the mud.

The rain coat-pink Labradors
This rain coat is printed with Labrador dog designs and comes in bright colors like pink. It is fitted with a thin terry lining that absorbs moisture keeping the baby dry all the time. The coat is also fitted with a hood and a beautiful snap closure that protects the baby and keeps him warm.

Umbrella-pink Labradors
These are beautiful umbrellas for babies with beautiful farm designs and they are used during rainy seasons or when the sun is too hot.

Ted tops
The ted tops are cool long sleeved and short sleeved t shirts and sweat shirts that have creative farm designs and unique designs. They come in different colors and sizes. Some of the ted tractor tops include the following: the stripey appliqué, the pocket hoody, the machine t-shirt, the half zip sweatshirt, the farm tested t-shirt, the tractor ted hoody and the tractor ted union sweatshirt.

The tractor ted clothing line has been in the forefront in producing quality clothes to both the girls and boys who range between two months and six years. The clothes are made of high quality material and are recommended for any child.